Heat Pump Conversion

Convert to an Eco-Friendly Heat Pump in Monroe County and Wayne County

Are you still relying on a oil or propane furnace to heat your home in Monroe County and Wayne County? While these things can keep you warm, they are antiquated and saddled with baggage. First, the prices of these fuel types fluctuate wildly depending on demand and other factors. Second, fossil fuels aren’t healthy, for you or the planet. Fortunately—no matter what part of Monroe County or Wayne County you call home—there’s an HVAC option that comes almost free of drawbacks: electric heat pumps.

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How Heat Pumps Heat and Cool Homes in Monroe County and Wayne County

It can help to think of a heat pump as an AC unit that can run in reverse. When Monroe County and Wayne County gets hot, your thermostat will tell the heat pump to turn on. This will power up the compressor and start the refrigerant cycling. Or, in the case of geothermal systems, it'll trigger a process deep underground. This liquid pulls the warmth from your home’s air, cooling it. This—if you know anything about air conditioning—might sound pretty familiar. It’s what electric heat pumps do when the mercury dips that really sets them apart.

During the cooler parts of the year, the heat pump will operate in reverse. Instead of pushing the warmth outside, it extracts it from the air outside. This warmth is then pumped inside your home. A separate blower—or your existing furnace—then pushes the air throughout your home.

Why You Might Want to Swap that Old Furnace for a Heat Pump in Monroe County and Wayne County

Swapping a traditional HVAC system for a heat pump isn’t cheap, especially if you need ductwork service or a blower installed. It’s not really something you’d do on a whim. But, when you compare furnaces to heat pumps, the latter has a lot of advantages.

The pros of heat pump installation in Monroe County and Wayne County include:

  • More consistent heating: Unlike traditional heating systems, heat pumps don’t constantly shut on and off. Instead, they continuously cycle air throughout your home.
  • Room-by-Room Control: Heat pumps make zoning your home’s HVAC easy. Need to heat the attic and lay off on the living room? This is an option with heat pumps.
  • No more Burning Smells: When you kick on your heater or furnace for the first time each season, you likely detect the scent of burning dust. With heat pumps, there’s no fire or soot. That means no burning and no smoky odors.
  • Eco-Friendliness: When it comes to emissions, heat pumps are one of the top performing HVAC systems. So, if going green is on your agenda, get a quote on heat pump conversion in Monroe County and Wayne County.
  • Less Dry Heat: Heat pumps can both heat and cool, eliminating the need for a bulky indoor system. This gives you back closet or basement space.
  • Wide Compatibility: Live in a mansion? A small house? Have no ducts? With heat pumps, none of these things are a problem. Their versatility allows for almost limitless configuration options.
  • Lowered Energy Bills: Electric heat pumps offer huge savings when compared to traditional forced air systems. If you want to know how much it’ll save you on heating or cooling bills in Monroe County and Wayne County, give Michigan Comfort Systems Heating and Cooling a call.

That is not to say that the electric heat pumps are perfect. They also come with a few drawbacks. First, they need a secondary blower in order to distribute air effectively. Second, as temperatures drop below freezing, heat pumps lose much of their efficiency, drawing higher amounts of electricity. Lastly, because they run year-round, heat pumps have a slightly lower lifespan than heating and AC units. But—when compared dollar to dollar—these dual systems offer the ultimate in HVAC convenience and return on investment.

Let Us Help You Take Advantage of Heat Pump Rebates in Monroe County and Wayne County

With the government pushing for better environmental choices, a number of rebates are available for residents looking to switch to an electric heat pump. At MCS, we stay up-to-date on current discounts and offers. This allows us to provide our customers in Monroe County and Wayne County with the most bang for their buck. But we don’t just pass knowledge on to you, we help you apply it as well.

So, if you want to save thousands on your heat pump conversion in Monroe County and Wayne County, reach out to the HVAC experts at Michigan Comfort Systems Heating and Cooling.

Heat Pump Myth Busting

If you’ve been a faithful fossil fuel user for a while, you might be concerned about switching to newer heat pump technology. You may also have heard some negative things. Here, we’ll debunk the top four myths about converting from a fossil fuel furnace to an electric heat pump.

Myth #1: Heat pumps don’t work on frigid days.

In the 80s, heat pumps struggled to deal with temperatures below freezing. But, since then, improvements allow these systems to easily handle temperatures as low as -13°F (-25°C). It should be noted, though, that they lose efficiency as the temperature dips towards that number.

Myth #2: You need a furnace backup.

While some homeowners prefer to install a secondary heating system—like a furnace or heater—it’s not a requirement. Cold climate heat pumps are masters of finding heat where none seems to be. Though, in some circumstances, we may advise keeping your current furnace. The only way to know for sure, is to contact us for a free quote on heat pump conversion in Monroe County or Wayne County.

Myth #3: Fossil fuels are cheaper than electric heating.

If you use the right technology, this one is false. This myth got started because electric furnaces can be costlier than gas ones. But that’s because furnaces aren’t the most effective electric heating system—heat pumps are! Since these systems only move heat from one spot to another, they don’t need to stress themselves as much. This leads to lower HVAC costs in Monroe County and Wayne County.

Myth #4: Heat pumps are too expensive

Heat pumps may cost more than a new AC unit or furnace, but that makes sense—these appliances take care of both. So, before you balk at the cost, make sure that you’re making a fair comparison.

Now that you know the truth of these HVAC myths, we invite you to reach out to us at (734) 672-4901 for a heat pump conversion in Monroe County and Wayne County.

Your Heat Pump Conversion Options

Oil Furnace to Heat Pump

Right now, you’re tied to an oil delivery service. A big portion of your yard is also likely taken up by an ugly eyesore of an oil tank. By converting from an oil furnace to a heat pump—or mixing the two with a dual fuel system—you can make heating your home much more efficient. For a free quote on heat pump installation in Monroe County or Wayne County, give us a call at (734) 672-4901.

Gas Furnace to Heat Pump

Though natural gas is the cheapest of the three options, heat pump efficiency outstrips it by about 40 percent. The access to cooling service—which your gas furnace might not have—is another reason to consider making the switch. If you reach out to us by phone or through our site, we’ll be happy to discuss details and outline exactly how much you can save.

Propane Furnace to Heat Pump

Though deliveries are less frequent for propane than oil, you still need regular drop-offs to stay comfortable. An ugly tank or “pig”, though far smaller than the one seen in oil furnaces, is cluttering your yard. When you couple these things with the lower costs of an electric heat pump, you can see why people choose to convert. To get a quote on making the switch, reach out to us by phone or form.

Consider Going with a Dual Fuel System

The costs of completely swapping fuel sources can be prohibitive. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to save while still protecting the environment and being more efficient? That’s where dual fuel heat pumps come into play. By alternating between your existing fuel source and the heat pump, they maximize your comfort.

The benefits of dual fuel heat pump installation are four-fold:

  1. Environmental Improvements: By leaving your furnace dormant until the temperature becomes downright frigid, heat pumps minimize pollution. Installing a heat pump is a great way to go green.
  2. Cost Savings: If you keep your typical furnace, you’ll be tied to the current price of oil or natural gas. This can lead to drastic increases during supply constraints. Having a back-up heat pump can free you from that dependence.
  3. Cold-Weather Reliability: Though heat pumps can now operate in low temperatures, there are times when a furnace will do the job better. Dual fuel systems can switch between the two pieces of equipment as needed.
  4. Extended Equipment Lifespan: The split heating responsibility allows your heat pump and furnace to last longer than if they were operating on their own. This gives you more time to save up for a replacement and less time fretting over comfort.

Enjoy the best of all HVAC worlds with a dual fuel system installation from MCS! Give us a call today to get a no-obligation quote on heat pump installation in Monroe County and Wayne County.

We Make Converting from Gas or Oil Furnaces to Heat Pumps in Monroe County and Wayne County Easy

If you want a way to both help your wallet and your planet, we invite you to reach out to us about making the switch to an electric heat pump. Thanks to technological advancements, these systems can handle whatever Monroe County and Wayne County throws your way. This makes them perfect for any home in this part of Michigan.

Proudly serving Monroe County and Wayne County for 25 plus years, MCS has a history of satisfying customers. We provide all pricing upfront and only install the highest quality equipment. To get a quote on heat pump conversion in Monroe County and Wayne County, just pick up your phone and dial (734) 672-4901. We look forward to adding you to our family of happy customers.